Low-poos are recommended for people who are either uncomfortable with No Poo or would like to transition slowly to a No Poo method. These are gentler than other shampoos, won’t strip hair of its natural oils, and will help newcomers get their oil production under control a bit before trying a no-poo method. It is recommended to pair a silicone-free conditioner with low-poos!

This tool allows you to see if products contains either:

  • Drying ingredients such as sulfates and harsh alcohols.
  • Non-water-soluble ingredients that build up on the hair such as silicones, waxes and oils.

Aveeno Pure Renewal

This is what I was using until now. I have no major complaints, it’s cheap, smells good, and works well. My hair would get oily by the end of the day but that’s pretty normal. It’s definitely my favourite drugstore shampoo and in the past when I’ve experimented I always ended up coming back to Aveeno.

Davines Dede

Holy grail! I’m so thankful this was recommended. It lathers well and has a very subtle, clean scent. It leaves my hair light, bouncy, and soft. The conditioner just enhances that, which is a big win for my hair-type (conditioner usually weighs it down). Also it has revealed a ton of waves in my hair which I haven’t had since I was a kid, so right now I’m trying to make the transition from what I thought was pin-straight hair to 2B/2C waves. My hair is MUCH less greasy and more manageable overall. It’s the Aveeno shampoo on steroids, so if you like that one you’ll probably love this. The best part is it’s consistent, I never have a bad wash.

Kerastase Discipline

I actually bought this for my partner who has totally different hair needs (thick/frizzy), but I tried it out of curiosity and it was good! It left my hair sleek and silky which can be REALLY iffy for fine hair but left just enough body to be okay in this case. Overall my hair looked fine and someone with slightly thicker hair would probably love this! However, the smell is friggin overwhelming, borderline sickening.

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

I really wanted to like this, it was nice to use and I love the packaging and scent. Unfortunately it would never get my hair clean! Air-drying would always reveal dark hair that felt unclean to the touch.

Olaplex 4

This lathers more than anything I’ve ever used! And I love the smell too. Sadly it left my hair static-y and lifeless. Just really terrible aside from the application itself.

Pureology Hydrate

Left my hair waxy/stretchy/mushy? Best way I can describe it. It happened immediately on application so I was able to wash it out with something else. I don’t blame the product, my hair is just incompatible with some ingredient I haven’t figured out yet. I experienced the same exact issue with Garnier Whole Blends.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

This was a weird experience. After using it one time my hair looked straight out of a commercial– CRAZY shiny, light, and smooth. I actually gasped when I saw it lol, it was that perfect. Definitely thought this was the one! But subsequent washes left my hair looking more and more normal, I could never capture those results again. Hard to believe there’s no silicones in the conditioner, it felt like something was on my hair & the diminishing returns kinda reinforced that? Idk. It might be worth picking up samples to try it out. I’m really not sure why only the first wash was so impressive.