Andrew W. K.

Andrew W. K. on his “No Poo” lifestyle

Speaking on a reddit AMA, Andrew W. K. revealed that he hadn’t used shampoo in over a decade. As he explains:

“I stopped using shampoo back in high school. I read an interview in Big Brother magazine with Ed Templeton, and he talked about how bad it was to wash your hair all the time. That had a big impact on me. Plus, I really like Toy Machine, so I listened to what he was saying.”

“The rich natural oils in your head deserve to saturate your hair fibers. Let that oil soak in. Don’t rinse it out. Don’t feel the need to constantly be stripping your hair down. Let it revel in its own grease.”

“If you’ve washed your hair every day for a long time, your hair will take a bit of time to adjust. It’s probably been over-producing oil to compensate for being stripped by all the soap. Once you stop using shampoo, it’ll take a week or two for your body to re-adjust. Be patient and don’t give in.”

“Party and let the oil flow.”

Andrew W. K. joins a long list of celebrities (including Stephen Fry and Gary Barlow) who revealed they don’t use shampoo. If you would like to learn more about going shampoo free, click here!

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