Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry reveals that he hasn’t used shampoo in “seven or eight years”

Speaking on the Homo Sapiens Podcast, he reveals that “It’s been about seven or eight years now, I just don’t use shampoo. I simply stand under the shower and use water. It’s the best way”.

He goes on to explain that “all you people who use shampoo and conditioner, all you do is strip all the oils out and make it ridiculously flyaway with shampoo.”

“And skin is a similar thing. This obsession with micro/bio gut, there’s also the skin as well.”

“I haven’t been one for chemicals on me — skin creams and grooming and after shave, never been one for it.

He also explained his love for Castile soap:

“And I think it does make your skin very good, but soap occasionally, and Castile soap, it’s a more natural soap, that doesn’t lather as much.”

Fry joins the likes of Gary Barlow as celebrities who shy away from the use of shampoo.

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