Andrew W. K.

Andrew W. K. on his “No Poo” lifestyle

Speaking on a reddit AMA, Andrew W. K. revealed that he hadn’t used shampoo in over a decade. As he explains:

“I stopped using shampoo back in high school. I read an interview in Big Brother magazine with Ed Templeton, and he talked about how bad it was to wash your hair all the time. That had a big impact on me. Plus, I really like Toy Machine, so I listened to what he was saying.”

“The rich natural oils in your head deserve to saturate your hair fibers. Let that oil soak in. Don’t rinse it out. Don’t feel the need to constantly be stripping your hair down. Let it revel in its own grease.”

“If you’ve washed your hair every day for a long time, your hair will take a bit of time to adjust. It’s probably been over-producing oil to compensate for being stripped by all the soap. Once you stop using shampoo, it’ll take a week or two for your body to re-adjust. Be patient and don’t give in.”

“Party and let the oil flow.”

Andrew W. K. joins a long list of celebrities (including Stephen Fry and Gary Barlow) who revealed they don’t use shampoo. If you would like to learn more about going shampoo free, click here!

Personal Hygiene Products

Shampoo Sales Have Slumped During Lockdown

Sales of haircare, skincare, and shaving products have slumped during the coronavirus lockdown. Almost a quarter of personal care products are related to people going to school or work, and these have hit according to Unilever’s recent sales report.

Graeme Pitkethly, Unilever’s chief financial officer, expects this trend to continue past the pandemic. As he explains, “people are likely to spend more time at home, more time cooking — which is good for us — and maybe less personal care occasions, this nesting idea”.

The decline in daily shampooing has been an on-going trend. As BusinessWire reports:

“Consumers are likely to wash their hair less often and cut down on salon visit due to increased concern about the harmful effect of chemicals on hair. Despite declining, hair care market in countries such as the UK, shampoos, and conditioners were least affected comparatively. Shampoo market in the UK is witnessing a volume CAGR of 0.1% during the forecast period. About 40% of the women in the UK wash their hair less in 2017 compared to the previous year.”

“Moreover, women likely to keep their hair unwashed for up to 4 days with one in 20 women leave it unwashed for ten days. About 86% of the British women wash their hair weekly which affected the shampoo market size. The increased fashion for long hair in France helped to maintain the shampoo consumption volume in the country.”

The decline in shampoo sales has not been uniform, however. Shampoo-bars and natural haircare alternatives have grown massively in recent years. One Yorkshire based company specialising in eco-friendly shampoo bars has seen a 300% increase in sales during the pandemic. Sulfate-free products have also also seen an increase in popularly, as consumers turn away from palm-oil based SLS.

What is Hard Water?

Simply put, “hard water” is water that has a lot of minerals dissolved in it. Think of a cave with water dripping off the ceiling… If it’s hard water, the drips eventually form stalactites and stalagmites. This is really cool after a long time in a cave, but you don’t want that happening to your pipes in your house or your appliances. It can also wreak havoc with your hair and skin:

“Each hair shaft is made up of little scales, like shingles on a roof. Hard water tends to make the scales stand up, which makes your hair feel rough and tangly. Since your hair is tangled and rough, it is more difficult to rinse out all of the soap.”

“Soap is less effective in very hard water because it reacts with the excess minerals to form calcium or magnesium salts. These are not easily soluble in water and can result in soap film. Washing hair in soft water will have a different result because it leaves fewer insoluble deposits on the hair.”

There are some inexpensive options you can use to soften your water. For hair washing, the two common solutions are to use distilled water (or boil your own water to remove some of the impurities – instructions here), or to install a shower head filter. Many people in this community have had success with AquaBliss shower filters which are easy to install.

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry reveals that he hasn’t used shampoo in “seven or eight years”

Speaking on the Homo Sapiens Podcast, he reveals that “It’s been about seven or eight years now, I just don’t use shampoo. I simply stand under the shower and use water. It’s the best way”.

He goes on to explain that “all you people who use shampoo and conditioner, all you do is strip all the oils out and make it ridiculously flyaway with shampoo.”

“And skin is a similar thing. This obsession with micro/bio gut, there’s also the skin as well.”

“I haven’t been one for chemicals on me — skin creams and grooming and after shave, never been one for it.

He also explained his love for Castile soap:

“And I think it does make your skin very good, but soap occasionally, and Castile soap, it’s a more natural soap, that doesn’t lather as much.”

Fry joins the likes of Gary Barlow as celebrities who shy away from the use of shampoo.

If you would to find out more about going shampoo free, click here!